Friday, April 16, 2010

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Brad Liening:

I just recently finished The Wonderfull Yeare by Nate Pritts. I’ve been a Nate Pritts appreciator for years now: his sensibility and aesthetic are marked by wide dynamics and big emotions. He writes about other planets and heartbreak and joy in no uncertain terms, just look at the titles of his two previous full-length collections: Sensational Spectacular and Honorary Astronaut. Exclamation points abound. But when you traffic in such wild inclusivity, where do you go next? How do you surprise? Pritts delivers maybe his best book yet by going smaller. The poems in The Wonderfull Yeare (a shepherd’s calender is the subtitle) are sonnets and pastorals, broken and reconstitued, just like the speaker of these poems. We have a four-season cycle of heartbreak, loss, and perseverance. The overall narrative is hard to make out, is barely glimpsed as is shifts and morphs like light patterns through leaves. But the emotional narrative and journey is loud by being quiet, and it packs a wallop.

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